Sloman Neptun

Sloman Neptun

As from 01 January 2017 "Neptumar" LLC is nominated as agent of Sloman Neptun shipping company at the territory of Russian Federation.

SLOMAN NEPTUN's history goes back to the early days of steamships. It was in 1873 when a joint stock company under the name of Dampfschifffahrts-Gesellschaft "Neptun", Bremen, Actien-Gesellschaft was established to operate a regular service between the River Weser and other North European ports. This scope was soon extended to the River Rhine and to the Iberian Peninsula.

Today SLOMAN NEPTUN operates some 26 modern units - gas tankers, product oil / chemical tankers and dry cargo vessels. In addition to ship owning and operating SLOMAN NEPTUN, through affiliated companies, is engaged in various other shipping related fields.

For more than 35 years SLOMAN NEPTUN provide liner services from Bremen, Antwerp and Harwich to Algeria, Tunisia and Libya with own multipurpose-roro/lolo fleet, providing weekly sailings. Furthermore we are calling Leixoes, Portugal and Cartagena, Spain en route which provides the opportunity to load cargo north- or south-bound to Spain and Portugal. Complementary to the liner service from North-Europe we started in 2010 a service from the west coast of Italy to Algeria with monthly sailings. In 2011 a direct service from Mediterranean Spain to Algeria was added to our Services. Our vessels are able to take all kind of cargoes such as containers, break-bulk, project cargo and roro equipment with up to 300 tons piece-weight.

Cargo to/from St.Petersburg is accepted either by direct call subject to sufficient inducement or with transhipment in Antwerp.

Contact for Requests

Dmitry Marasin

Head of Project Department

7 (921) 950-31-33